Every sixth shopping in the EU are carried out via the Internet

In the EU, 16% of companies with at least ten employees in 2016 received orders through a website or application, whether individuals, or other companies.

Almost all of these companies sell in their own country, just under half and customers in the EU and just over a quarter and those outside the EU. The share of European companies selling products over the Internet has grown from 12% in 2010 to around 16% in 2014 and since then it has been stable, the European Statistical Office announced.

In Ireland, Sweden and Denmark, a quarter of companies are practicing on the Web, in the Netherlands and Belgium, a fifth in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Latvia.

Almost all companies in the EU trading on the Internet are selling to consumers in their own country and when it comes to cross-border e-sales, there are differences.

Most EU companies that sell via the Internet to customers in other EU countries in 2016 were registered in Cyprus (71%) followed by Austria (69%) and Luxembourg (61%). At least one third or less, in Finland, Romania, Denmark and Sweden.

When it comes to sales outside the EU, only in Cyprus, more than half of companies (62%) are selling via the Internet to non-EU countries, 44% in Malta, and about 40% in Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Austria.

The European Commission is otherwise working on a single digital market where e-commerce between members is going smoothly. This is not the case, and two out of five EU web-based sales companies reported that in 2016 they had difficulties in trading over the Internet, especially due to the cost of delivery and / or language barriers.

Most (59%) of EU companies that receive orders through a website or an application, as they stated, did not have any problems with web sales in other EU member states

webmasterEvery sixth shopping in the EU are carried out via the Internet
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Belarus legalized the crypts and exempted all transactions

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko signed a liberal law that signals state support to blockchain and crypts.

Under the new law, all transactions and income from crypto currency (including mining) are exempted from paying taxes for the next five years.

Lukashenko thus framed the framework of the so-called “Development of the digital economy” of Belarus. The goal of legislation is to remove bureaucracy that could potentially interfere with the implementation of blochchain, and gives the environment a green light for the exchange of crypts.

In addition, the Belarusian “HTP” – a technological paradise, created by Lukashenko in the style of Silicon Valley, who will have the privilege of attracting funds through the ICO and uses crypts to circulate population transactions.

Lukashenko explained that the main goal is to create the conditions for global IT companies to come to Belarus and open their offices, development centers and create popular digital digital products.

This provision is a legalized crypto currency, public offer of tokens (ICOs) and smart contracts. By this, Belarus legalized transactions in crypto currencies. This could improve the economy of this country as the private sector will attract foreign investors and companies to this former Soviet economy.

webmasterBelarus legalized the crypts and exempted all transactions
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Apple per second due to as much as $ 1,444.7

The American giant Apple in one second due to as much as $ 1,444.7 and is located far ahead of all other big companies.

According to the TitleMax report, Alfabet (Gugl) is only 5th with a profit of $ 615.96, while Microsoft in the seventh place earns “only” $ 531.21 per second.

Apple has brought this figure to $ 45.5 billion last year, which is twice as much as another company in this list of JP Morgan Chase, which is $ 782.14 per second, while Volmart, located at the top of Fortune 500 Scores as brand number 1, far behind with a profit of $ 431.43 per second, but still ahead of Intel, which earns $ 326.22 per second.

webmasterApple per second due to as much as $ 1,444.7
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